Fully recyclable mattress

Mattresses are one of the main contributors to global landfill waste due to their complex combination of materials glued together. In partnership with Royal Auping and DSM-Niaga , we worked on developing a completely redesigned mattress. The new, modular design makes it easy to separate each component and recycle it for re-use in new mattresses.

DSM-Niaga and Royal Auping have developed an alternative manufacturing process for mattresses, that enables high quality and hygienic standards and includes a local recycling system. The first mattresses will be trialled at Landal GreenParks resorts.

Geert Doorlag, Product Developer at Royal Auping, says: “Sustainability has always been important for Royal Auping. Being a family owned company, we have a focus on the long term. EPEA has helped us since 2009 with identifying the obstacles in making 100% up-cyclable products. Furthermore, they helped us with finding solutions to overcome these obstacles. For the Auping Revive Circular Mattress EPEA has helped us to see the need to find alternative materials and they were a matchmaker in our partnership with DSM-Niaga.“

(2018 - today)

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  • All ingredients are positively defined and optimized
  • Reduced product complexity
  • Design for disassembly product