Bicycle tubes and tires

The history of Schwalbe tires started in 1973. Up to that point bicycle tires were hardly a high-quality product. Ralf Bohle, the founder of Schwalbe, wanted to change that. He specialized solely on bicycle tires. Since then, Schwalbe stands for numerous innovations, such as the Marathon series, the redevelopment of the balloon tire equipment, the invention of the Flat-less® tire, the further development of the tubeless technology and much more.


(2013 - today)

EPEA Services

  • Identification of problematic substances
  • Scientific supervision on replacement of problematic substances
  • Research on advanced and future materials
  • Research on recycling options
  • Research on new product ideas
  • General scientific support
  • Community building along the supply chain


  • Material optimisation
  • Butyl tubes are 100 % recyclable
  • Use of 20 % recycled butyl rubber in new tubes saving 80% energy
  • Implemented charge-free take-back system with increasing recycling rate
  • Gradual development of complete circulatory capacity


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