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Tarkett is committed to sustainability through a holistic approach, which combines people, the environment and profit. In 2009 Tarkett implemented an ambitious eco-innovation strategy that meets today’s customers’ lifestyles. They integrated sustainable and socially responsible objectives from the beginning of the product design through each following step of the product life cycle. Eco-innovation considers what customers want from a modern flooring system and adds a positive impact on the environment to that. 


It’s a concept that encourages to think of solutions for a positive contribution to society and the environment and still operate a successful business. Tarkett made the conscious decision to change and improve and obtained its first Cradle to Cradle certification in 2011 for our linoleum and wood flooring. Instead of certifying a few products and leave it at that, they decided to implement the Cradle to Cradle® principles across all activities of the company with the objective of becoming a “circular company".


(2011 - today)

EPEA Services


  • Up to 30 % lower life cycle costs
  • 50 % lower water consumption
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Low VOC emission values