Floor tiles

Royal Mosa is an innovative ceramic tile producer located in Maastricht, Netherlands, founded in 1883. Mosa envisions that future buildings will consist of nothing but sustainable building materials, which have been designed and produced in a responsible manner and can be used without health risks. This requires a new approach from manufacturers, architects and builders. Mosa wants to be a driving force behind those developments. They chose Cradle to Cradle because of its positive and integral approach focused on innovation. The main components of Mosa tiles are clay and sand. Natural raw materials that are abundantly present in nature. Mosa C2C tiles are free of hazardous compounds - the result of years of R&D in which all the tile ingredients—including our suppliers’ raw material chain - were analysed and classified to a part per million level.


(2008 - today)

EPEA Services


  • All ingredients are positively defined and optimised for recycling
  • Optimised life cycle
  • Reduction of waste products and energy consumption



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