Toilet paper

WEPA analysed their complete production process and all materials they used in order to identify the effects their ingredients have on society and the environment. The goal was to find viable and sustainable alternatives to improve their products. The result is Satino Black, the world’s first and only toilet paper and hand towels that are authorised to carry the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ label.

With Satino Black, WEPA focused on a healthy balance between people, planet and profits. This product range helps other organisations and companies to achieve their sustainability objectives with just a small change and it creates involvement with employees and visitors.

The Satino Black concept serves as a comprehensive solution for bathrooms: it brings organisations a step closer to achieving their sustainability objectives, without excess complexity. In addition to toilet paper, the Satino Black concept includes hand towels, hand soap, foam soap, dispenser systems and an extensive package of service and communication support.


WEPA’s long-term goal is to implement the Cradle to Cradle design principles in all areas of their operation.

(2016 - today)

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  • All ingredients are positively defined and optimised for recycling
  • Resource-conserving production
  • Free from ingredients that are hazardous to health