In cooperation with kadawittfeldarchitektur, we planned the RAG administration building in Essen that was completed in 2017. A quality assurance process for the choice of materials was implemented that goes far beyond the legal standard for new buildings. Particular attention was paid to building products that are in direct contact with the interior. By using building products with low emission values and healthy content, a high quality of the interior air is guaranteed. Green walls and a dust-binding carpet ensure a pleasant indoor climate.

The multifunctional, extensive green roof creates a high-quality space for recreation and functions as a retention area for rainwater. For energy production and as a shading measure, pergolas equipped with PV modules were erected over the usable area and multiple charging stations for electric cars and e-bikes were built.

To ensure a conversion at the end of the building’s lifecycle, flexible and circular constructions were implemented in the design - instead of load-bearing interior walls, lightweight walls were installed.

In order to increase the separability and regeneration of the materials, adhesive bonding was largely replaced by mechanical connections. A carpet made of regenerative fibres and a C2C-certified parquet flooring were used as the floor covering. Both are part of a manufacturer's take-back system. All materials used are documented in a Material Passport that turns the building into a raw material depot for valuable materials.

The RAG building is DGNB Platinum certified. 

(2015 - 2017)

EPEA Services

  • Circular Engineering
  • Documentation via Material Passport
  • Building Ecology Consulting (Including Green Building certification)


  • Usage of regenerative sources of energy
  • Designed to be flexible and reusable
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Closed water cycle


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