Designed by HPP Architekten the wood-hybrid building "The Cradle" shows how architecture makes the city fit for the future.  Interboden GmbH & Co. KG, the project developer of this new construction, has set the goal to integrate as many C2C aspects as possible.

The load-bearing timber construction not only benefits the CO2 footprint of the office building, but also contributes to its reusability, as the façade is designed for disassembly. In addition, the wood contributes to a positive indoor air climate as it regulates humidity and improves the well-being of the users. This effect is amplified by the usage of non-toxic materials.

As one of the first projects the Material Passport of The Cradle will be linked to its BIM model.

A service point for mobility, a so-called "mobility hub", will be established on the ground floor. Building users and neighbourhood residents will have access to a range of car and bike sharing offers that are primarily geared towards e-mobility.

(2018 - 2022)

EPEA Services

  • Circular Engineering
  • Development and implementation of Cradle to Cradle measures
  • Use of healthy materials, regenerative construction, reversible joints
  • Documentation via Material Passports, integrated in BIM Model


  • Design for flexibility and reusability
  • Design for disassembly
  • Improvement of indoor air quality & well-being of users
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions