European Action Plan for a Circular Economy

Circular production and consumption cycles. EU Commission with a new action plan for a further step towards a circular economy.

The new action plan “The European Green Deal” is an important part of Europe's new agenda for sustainable growth. It aims to protect the environment and introduce new rights for consumers, strengthening the EU's economic competitivenessat the same time. This shall be achieved through a production process led by a circular economy, where used resources remain in the EU economy for as long as possible and do not end up in landfills.

Today's economy which is still largely linear following the "take-make-waste" principle needs to adapt in order to preserve our environment and achieve climate neutrality by 2050, said Frans Timmermans, executive vice-president for the European Green Deal.

The action plan introduces policies on how products should be produced and strengthens the position of consumers to become part of the solution:

  • With legislation on sustainable product policy, the Commission wants to ensure that in future products are designed to last longer and to be easier to re-use, repair and recycle. In addition, the proportion of recycled material used in products has to increase. Consumers are getting the "right to repair" in which they have access to information on the reparability and durability of products.
  • The production of waste should be avoided as far as possible by producing high-quality secondary resources from it. To combat illegal waste shipments, the export of waste will also be minimised.

In particular, the sectors with a high recycling potential such as electronics, vehicles and batteries, packaging, textiles, construction and the food industry will be targeted.

The EU Commission's action plan for a further step towards the circular economy opens up new opportunities for companies to be competitive in the future and to become part of the solution for protecting the environment, adapting their business model in good time.

Here you can find the complete press release of the EU Commission.