Circular Economy

Our vision - we strive for a diverse, safe and healthy world, with clean air, water, soil and energy. To this end, we unite economy, social justice and ecology, which mutually support each other instead of excluding each other, and present sustainability as a chance for innovation instead of a burden.



The next industrial revolution - Circular Economy

In order to achieve economic, social and ecological impacts, a paradigm shift is required. This necessitates companies rethinking with regards to resource use, production processes and their relationship with business partners along the entire value chain. In 1784, the first industrial revolution began with water-powered machines. Electricity (2.0) made mass production possible. With the help of IT and electronics (3.0), automation was advanced up to today’s digitalisation (4.0). With the Circular Economy, we want to drive the urgently necessary Revolution 5.0, creating a positive influence for people and our environment.


Industrial revolutions

The Circular Economy changes the product responsibility of manufacturers. With it, today’s “take-make-waste” approach is no longer an option. The recycling systems which exist today, whereby questionable materials are used in a cycle and in any case become waste after their second or third use, are also not in line with a true Circular Economy approach.


Linear Economy with conventional recycling

Take > Make > Waste

In the Circular Economy powered by Cradle to Cradle®, the idea is that the resources employed can, after use, serve as raw materials for new, non-toxic products. This means they can continually circulate in product cycles – instead of “downcycling”, “upcycling” of products should become possible. Current solutions such as sharing concepts and re-use are steps in the direction of a Circular Economy. However, the goal is to create a positive footprint with optimised nutrient cycles – with solutions which are suitable for the biosphere and the technosphere.


Circular Economy powered by Cradle to Cradle®

Re-Design > Make > Nutrients

It is not enough for a few people to confront these topics and only individual product groups to be optimised. If companies want to make a truly significant contribution towards climate protection and conservation of resources, there is no getting around the need for a Circular Economy. Everyone can contribute and be part of the solution.


Together, we are driving a 5th industrial revolution, with Cradle to Cradle® as a new approach for products, processes, buildings and cities.