Cradle to Cradle® in Finland

EPEA Cooperates with Circular Economy Consultancy Ethica

There is hardly another country where the circular economy is developing as fast as it is in Finland. Situated in the far north of Europe, Finland aims  to become a global pioneer in this sphere by 2025. Whilst making this transition,  the Finns also have to ask themselves an essential question: What kind of materials do they want to keep in their circular systems?


With Ethica's local knowledge and EPEA's seasoned Cradle to Cradle® expertise, the two organizations are figuring this out together. Markus Diem, head of EPEA's Hamburg office and responsible for EPEA's international networks, explains: "Together with Ethica, we can introduce manufacturing companies in Finland to the Cradle to Cradle design principle and give them the tools to produce healthy and circular products. At the same time, builders and designers benefit from our experience in building a healthy and circular building. They will be able to construct the next generation of buildings for Finland that have a positive footprint and will integrate into the environment."


In Finland, an increasing amount of circular economy projects focus on construction and urban planning. Vesa Helkkula, Managing Partner at Ethica, emphasizes: "We are excited to witness the accelerating speed in which the sector amongst others is adopting a more holistic view on value creation and we are thrilled to author this change."

Whether it is the construction or any other industrial sector, Finnish companies can rely on the competencies of both partners as they move towards the circular economy. Ethica can support with expertise on circular economy strategies, carbon neutrality and sustainable business. EPEA, as an accredited C2C Certified™ assessor, provides in-depth knowledge on safe and recyclable materials and offers digital solutions for Cradle to Cradle products and buildings.

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