Our Team

Here is a list of our key personnel. We also co-operate with a range of colleagues and experts internationally. For example with our representatives or accredited consultants.


Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart CEO braungart@epea.com

Scientific Coordination

Simona Betianu Coordinator Assessment Team betianu@epea.com
Mike Blicker Coordinator Scientific Project Team blicker@epea.com
Haixiang Qian Coordinator Certification Team qian@epea.com

Scientific Project Work

Ulrike Eickhoff Environmental Scientist eickhoff@epea.com
Carsten Haeling Environmental Engineer haeling@epea.com
Holger Hengst Environmental Engineer hengst@epea.com
Dr. Lucia Hermes Chemist hermes@epea.com
Susanne Herms Biotechnical Engineer herms@epea.com
Suki Kler Young Chemist kleryoung@epea.com
Christina Krebs Environmental Scientist krebs@epea.com
Kerstin Melbye Biotechnical Engineer melbye@epea.com
Ulrike Niesmann Industrial Designer niesmann@epea.com
Dagmar Parusel Biologist parusel@epea.com
Jenny Pfau Building Biologist pfau@epea.com
Rachel Platin Biologist platin@epea.com
Sonja Rickert Environmental Scientist rickert@epea.com
Dr. Alain Rivière Biologist riviere@epea.com
Dr. Tanja Scheelhaase Civil Engineer scheelhaase@epea.com
Wolfgang Schönknecht Environmental Engineer schoenknecht@epea.com
Dr. Christoph Semisch Chemist semisch@epea.com
Dr. Christian Sinn Chemist sinn@epea.com
Yael Steinberg Chemist steinberg@epea.com
Raymond Willems Mechatronics Engineer willems@epea.com
Rafaela Zanatta Architect zanatta@epea.com
Yuting Zheng Chemical Engineer yuting@epea.com

Business Development & Communication

Tom Alexandre Koch Business Development Manager koch@epea.com
Niklas Jonas Business Development & Communication jonas@epea.com

Administration & Human Resources

Almut Hennen Administration & Human Resources hennen@epea.com
Rosi Kraft Administration kraft@epea.com
Susann Nickel Accounting nickel@epea.com
Wei Wang-Ahlenstorf Controlling wang-ahlenstorf@epea.com

External Consultants

Katja Hansen Scientist hansen@epea.com
Dr. Jörn Könke Advisor koenke@epea.com
Douglas Mulhall Scientist mulhall@epea.com