Leading experts join forces in '+ImpaKT' to guide the Circular Economy

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Experienced experts are joining forces by using the approach of 'positive impacts' to guide the circular economy in the Luxembourg Greater Region.

  • The new Luxembourg-based company is named Positive ImpaKT Luxembourg, with the tradename +ImpaKT Luxembourg.
  • The new company's service integrates the work of Luxembourg experts with support from experts from EPEA Internationale Umweltforchung GmbH (EPEA), whose award-winning Cradle-to-Cradle methods are cited by the EU, the World Economic Forum and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation as the basis for Circular Economy cycles.
Making Luxembourg a knowledge hub for Circular Economy

"The aim of +ImpaKT is to make Luxembourg a knowledge hub and testing ground for the circular economy, just as the Ministry of the Economy study calls for," said +ImpaKT Luxembourg Founder and Managing Director Jeannot Schroeder, PhD. "Our agreement for science & marketing support from EPEA will allow Luxembourg to develop and implement innovations like those from EPEA that are already driving billions of Euros worth of innovative products and services," he explained. "As an example, the recent study for the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy was done by EPEA as is well-accepted."

Prof. Michael Braungart, head of EPEA added; "In Jeannot Schroeder Luxembourg has the most experienced and successful +ImpaKT enterpreneur in Luxembourg. His experience with the EU-supported C2CBizz project established him as a knowledgeable Cradle to Cradle  practicioner, and C2C is acknowledged as a basis for the circular economy." 

The activities of the new company include:
  • Supporting companies, NGOs and associations with implementing CE initiatives, following on the well-received Ministry of the Economy study performed by EPEA
  • Circularity quick scans and scoping
  • Research and development
  • Training in hands-on practical methods based on actual cases.

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