PVC Conference 2017

25.04.2017 - 25.04.2017

Keynote: “Beyond Sustainability – Cradle to Cradle as an Innovation Engine for the Industry”.

Worldwide, about 45 Mio tonnes of PVC are produced each year. PVC is a problematic material, and is therefore criticized by various interest groups; including EPEA.  A new thought process needs to be introduced. The fact that the PVC industry is beginning to get an awareness for a new approach to PVC lifecycle management paves the way for more detailed consideration of “Non-tolerable PVC, which still creates serious problems during and after use” (like toys, packaging, or coated paper) and “Tolerable PVC, which provides a transitional solution”. Michael Braungart informs about possible dangers, boundaries and opportunities concerning how to deal with PVC in a responsibly way. His presentation is based on EPEA’s position paper.

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